Saturday, September 11, 2010

Look What I Got!

OMG! I just received this award from Debby over at DD's Crafts , I was so excited when I found out she had sent it to me! I never dreamed I would ever receive one, being so new to the blogging world , I am just so proud and honor to accept it! Thank you so much Debby I cannot wait to tell my family and friends. They are going to be so proud of me!
The rules in excepting the award are:
You must thank the person who passed it to you, Thank you! Thank You! Did I thank you?
Copy award to your blog, To funny just try and stop me!
List 3 things you love about yourself,
This is a tough one... I guess #1 should be that I am very honest person, #2 I have a great sense of humor and last but not least that I finally quit smoking two and a half years ago!
Post a picture that you love on your blog,
This is a picture that was taken only a couple of weeks ago of hubby and me at a Family Wedding.
Last you must pass this award onto 5 others, so here they are :
Christy over at Christys_scrappin
Christy is my daughter and she is new to the bogging world, please go over and check her paper piecing out! It is amazing! Don't get me wrong I love my Cricut, but Christys paper piecing is all done by hand and well worth taking a few minutes of your time to see!
Shelly over at Heartstrings
Momo over at Made By Momo
Melanie over at Scrappy Mel
Patty over at Dream Cards
I love all of these blogs, each and everyone have gone out of there way to help me out at one time or another and be a friend! If you have time you should check them out!



OMG Jenny!!!!!! I can't believe it , I'm so happy , thank you so much. That's a honor for me.
Have a Wonderful Day !!!!

christys_scrappin said...

Thank you Mom! Love you lots! Hugs and kisses!