Monday, May 31, 2010

Vegas Baby!

This is the first page of one of the many scrapbooks I am working on. It is the opening page of my daughters 39th birthday. It was her first trip to Vegas and let me tell you Vegas has not been the same since! This was something that my Mom and I had wanted to do with Christy ever since she turned 21 but it took until 2009 before I was ever able to talk her into it and Mom had already passed away, but we all know she was there with us in spirit.

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Nicole said...

Yay, more Canadian Bloggers!!!

Not a problem. Copy the image and I usually save it to my Desktop! Go into your "Layout", go to your Gadgets and select the "Picture" gadget. One your in there browse from your computer and grab the logo from the desktop. While it uploads, grab the Scrap Huts web address and put it in the "links" bar. You can type "Scrap Hut" for the title and on the next bar you could say Canadian Online Store. You can see how I've done mine on my blog:) If you need anything, let me know.

For everything you add, leave another comment to up your chances. And please feel free to add any of your projects to my FB Page. Looking forward to your Summer Project. And people will pop into your blog to check it out...YAY!!!!