Friday, June 25, 2010

Speed I Am Speed

This is a two page layout I just did of my Oldest grandson Adrian. I picked up the paper for 20 cents a sheet at Micheal's. What a bargain, that was! The title was cut at 3 inches from Disney Cars Cartridge. The stars were just a variety of sizes using George And Basic Shapes, and the banners were cut from Locker Talk. My grandson was only 8 at the time and he was passing everyone on the track, he is now 20 and he still passes everyone!


Alex said...

Hi ! Thanks for stopping by my blog during the blog hop and glad you enjoyed the video. There is a feature called "hide contour" on both the gyspy and design studio. I have the gypsy so that's how I deleted the face cuts. If you tell me which software you have, DS or Gypsy, I could direct you to some tutorials on how to do it :)

jennyplace2 said...

I have the design studio and could use some right direction, thats for sure.