Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get Well Card For christys_scrappin (she's going to kill me yet)

Yesterday I got the scare of my life when my daughters husband called to tell me that Christy had rolled her car! I was just sick....... and I am sure I aged 10 years over night.

The car is not in very good shape, probably a write off, but thank the LORD, Christy will be O.K . She has a lot of bumps, bruises, aches and pains! But she is a live!

So I decided to make a card to see if I could cheer the poor girl up. I love the little poem, I found on the Internet......It really does explain the way I feel.

I decided that since I made a get well card, I will kill two birds with one stone and enter the card for the challenge over at More Than Favors. This weeks challenge: make a get well card.


Scrappy Jackie said...

I am so glad she is going to be ok! So very scarry for all of you! The card is cute and I think the poem is perfect! What a great MOM! I saw on scrappy jack about the accident. I am so glad you let us know she is OK!

Savahanna said...

How scary for you and your daughter. But I am glad to hear that she is okay. And about the card. I LOVE it. What a great card.

Coachfans said...

I hope your daughter has been recovering. Congratulations on your More Than Favors win.


christys_scrappin said...

Thanks Mom! Sorry I scared you! The card made me cry! Ok....I was crying before that! Having a rough night! Love you! XOXOXO

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

such a cute card. I'm so glad to hear your daughter is going to be okay!