Friday, February 18, 2011

Winner from Share the Love Cricut Crawl.

Well this has been one heck of a bad week! My fridge broke down after 21 years...can you imagine that? So any way we went out shopping to to buy a new one and of course hubby had to go to every store in Edmonton to make sure we got the best price. But finally we both agreed on one and paid for it and went home. Once we arrived home we started to wonder if the darn thing would fit so we call the store back and told them how much room we had and they said no problem! Anyway on Wednesday they delivered the new fridge, first they took the old one down to the basement for us and then they were going to bring the new one in but hubby went outside to measure it and guess what? It was to darn big so here I sit with my fridge in the basement waiting for those dumb idiots to deliver me a new fridge that will fit! Does any one know how many times you go in a fridge just to make one meal? Let me tell you I have never used my stairs this much ever. 13 stairs down 13 stairs up over and over! I guess if I look at the bright side of it all, I may lose a bit of weight this week!

So I guess I have babbled on enough and should get onto the good stuff!

I used

and the lucky winner is

Rhonda Emery

Please email me so I can get your folder out to you.

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Celeste B. said...

Congrats Rhonda!! :)