Friday, January 4, 2013

Can Anyone Help Me???? I Have Blogger Issues

Just a quick post to say hi and tell you I have not forgotten you! Once again I am having blogging issues. Just before Christmas they said I had reached my limited of uploads so I decided to pay the monthly fee, because I didn't want to have to start all over again. Now this time the download button just isn't their. I have no ideal how to fix it and I see other people are having the same issues. If anyone has any ideal how to fix this or how to email blogger please let me know.
Happy New Years to all of you and your family and I hope your year is going better then mine! LOL!


jessica said...

wish I could help...sorry :(
I am so not a computer person

Georgiana said...

I have used their help desk and they have responded very quickly.

Carson's Creations

Love crafts forever said...

If you are using IE then change browser to Google Chrome or best is a Firefox, and you should have no problems. Sorry about you paying money to the blogger. I had the same problem with my blog. You Photos was too big in size and used Picassa free space storage. all you need to do is to Re size your Photos to 640 picsels and you will be fine. It's work for me and i didn't pay any extra money. When you upload Photo in size like i said, it should be unlimited storage. I hope it's helps.
Hugs Nat

Rae Ann said...

I had trouble today because the Browse spot wasn't there to load a photo. After a lot of trial and error I found if I switched to HTML in the box by compose, when I selected the picture icon the browse let me do my thing. After the picture was loaded as HTML I switched back to compose and all was well. I hope this helps.
Rae Ann O.

Kimberly Clark said...

i had problems with it as well then i started to upload my pictures with Pisca web and no more issues :)