Friday, November 12, 2010

I Got Attitude Blog Award

Look what I got!

I got Attitude Blog Award

I would like to thank Gloria at Gloria's Goof Craft Spot. I am honored to have met such a fine friend in the blogging world.

In order for me to accept this award I need to tell you three things that are different about me!

1. I knocked my front tooth out this year

2. I eat in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping

3. I like to work on minature doll houses.

The first person I am giving this award to is my daughter Christy...if any one has attitude...pick her! LOL...I love you honey!

Next I have decided on Meredith, I met her on the blogs and I have found such a friend in her, this lady has a heart of gold, and if some day I have the chance to meet her, I would be on cloud nine for a very long time! Your the best Meredith

Next up is Pattie, I met Pattie on face book, I am now a big time stalker of her blog. She also lives in Canada, so we have something else in common, besides the blogs.

Then we have Krista over at Getting Cricky she has such a great blog, if you haven't check it out, what stopping you? You will not be sorry!

Last but not least is Chris from Turnedgypsy , again I have never had the pleasure of meeting this fine lady, but I know if we did, I would like her, she also has a heart of gold.

After doing all this I will display my award on my sidebar and in return I will get $5.00 in stamps from Digis with Attitude.

I hope all the girls will accept there awards and have fun with them.

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K Andrew said...

Hi Jenny--I didn't realize you gave me this--thank you so Much! I'll pop it up tonight with a big thank you to you! How manyp people do I give it to?