Friday, April 22, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Chaos Challenge # 14 Indie Art!

This weeks Cricut Cartridge Chaos Challenge is to use the Indie Art Cartridge!

I made these T-Shirts for four of my grand kids and put them in there Easter Baskets.

This is a picture of my Grandson Josh, I used Indie Art to make both the skull

and the title Trouble.

This is a picture of the kids baskets, each had a T- Shirt and lots of Chocolate!

This T-Shirt I used my i-rock to do all the took like 4 hours to do it
so I decided to use vinyl for the other three shirts.

I had the kids over for Easter today since my daughter Christy is off to Vegas tomorrow.

This is a picture of my Sons kids wearing their T-Shirts proudly for Nanny!

This is the back of the shirts.

The kids had a Easter hunt today a tea party and a heck of a good meal.

Now it is time for me to sit back, put my feet up and enjoy the

peace and quiet!

Thanks for stopping in,

Happy Easter to all of you.

Stay safe and have fun with your family's.


DebC said...

Jenny the shirts are great and the blinged shirt. I'm going to go to michaels and get me an irock because I have a 50% coupon i believe. Just got home so I'm tired and glad to be home! I will send you off an email tomorrow! I'm going to have several challenges i'm hoping this week so stop by!!

Ulysses' mama said...

Very cute! Will the vinyl stay on the shirts after they are washed?

Denise said...

Your shirts are FABULOUS! How did they take you to make?

Denise said...

Whoops, never mind, I see the answer. So cool!!